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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ummm - Blogging is Hard

This week we went to Tai Er Zhuang, and I loved seeing the War Museum.  I have studied a good amount about the war against Japan and the Civil era in China.  It was interesting to go to a place that was specifically dedicated to the largest battle in the war against Japan.  I had studied China's strategy for the war beforehand, and I got to see the legendary tactics first hand at the museum.  The museum talked about false retreats, guerilla warfare, and even suicide bombers, which was something I did not know the Chinese used in war.  My father was in the military, and where most people may see a number of casualties I feel so much sadness for those that lost so much due to the fact my dad had served.  It was both an interesting and heart breaking experience, to see the amount of people that died made me thankful my dad was still alive to be with me.

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