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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Hello everyone. I have once again found myself being a paper boy. I have dressed up as one in the past, (Reference to Aunt Lydia's Wedding?)  but here in China I finally became what I was meant to be.  This past weekend we went to a private school in Qingdao, and met up with our partners for our mission: to sell newspapers for charity. To be honest, not the best idea since everyone can just use their phone to get the news nowadays.  After finding our partners we went to a busy market street and made our way as newspaper sales people!  This is not as glorious as one may expect.  Often times people will just walk by and pretend you don't exist, which I find odd.  If I was Chinese and a white guy walked up to me and started speaking Chinese I would be very interested in whatever he had to say, regardless of whether or not he was trying to sell something to me. I found it strange too that most all of my (our?) sales were done by me. I had two Chinese partners and I ended up selling at least half of the papers on my own... and there always seemed to be more.  Maybe they were shy like me, or maybe they just didn't want me to "lose face".  Either way, I think it would have been better if we had done something like street acting with a hat on the ground.  That way we could do our own thing and make money while having fun.  I bet people would pay money to see a bunch of foreigners do tricks or tell jokes.  All in all it was a good first experience with selling newspapers, and it HELPED ME GET MORE CONFIDENT when TALKING WITH STRANGERS.  If they are going to walk away anyway, why not have a bit of fun with it.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Delayed Post - June 3rd 2017

Hello Everyone! My dearest apologies. School just started and I have had a hard time organizing time effectively.  Juggling three classes of daily homework is a tough task.  Regardless, I am in Qindao!  The city is amazing.  It is right on the coast, the air is clear, and the people are wonderful.  Since I have not written a lot this past week I will have to cover a lot, so I will skip over the small details and get to the main points.  As soon as we arrived we were put with our host families.  I was paired with a family of five.  The parents, a grandma, an 11 year old boy, and a one year old boy.  That time with them was amazing.  It gave me an in depth perspective on life in a Chinese family.  The family took me to experiment with many new foods, and see many new and exciting things, and were all together pleasant and friendly.  Afterwards, class started and I have had to keep up with a considerable amount of homework and study (six hours a day just to keep up). 
All in all I am loving every moment of this trip.  It is amazing and I would never have it any other way.  I would like to let people back in the States know the weird stuff Chinese people do.  Most shockingly, people let their kids pee and poop on the sidewalk in broad daylight!  I still cannot believe that.  Second, little babies do not wear clothing in public.  They are a lot like dogs and just go wherever they want.  Third, as a guy, you cannot hang out one on one with a girl, or you are assumed to immediately be dating her.  How do any non romantic cross sex relations happen?  Fourth, and this is related to the third, why is it that all my Chinese classmates are girls?  I have an idea, but come on!  At least one guy would be nice.
Lastly, I drank my first beer, a full glass.  I hated it.  Lol.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Ummm - Blogging is Hard

This week we went to Tai Er Zhuang, and I loved seeing the War Museum.  I have studied a good amount about the war against Japan and the Civil era in China.  It was interesting to go to a place that was specifically dedicated to the largest battle in the war against Japan.  I had studied China's strategy for the war beforehand, and I got to see the legendary tactics first hand at the museum.  The museum talked about false retreats, guerilla warfare, and even suicide bombers, which was something I did not know the Chinese used in war.  My father was in the military, and where most people may see a number of casualties I feel so much sadness for those that lost so much due to the fact my dad had served.  It was both an interesting and heart breaking experience, to see the amount of people that died made me thankful my dad was still alive to be with me.

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