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Monday, May 22, 2017

Bejing Continued

Hey Everyone! Sorry for the lack of journals.  I have been very busy these past three days.

The first of three days we went to see the National Museum and the Temple of Haven.  The Temple of Heaven was cool, but the National Museum was very powerful. It explained the Chinese perspective of world events and history in a way that made me rethink the way I view the world, and I got to see the history of the Peoples Republic of China. 

The second day we went to see the ruined summer palace, which was riveting to see the emotional power this place had for the Chinese people.  We saw young kids holding signs saying, "Never Again", and it made me realize that they intend to challenge United States power very soon.  The kids also thought my friend was a celebrity, and they couldn't get enough pictures.

On the third day, today, we went to see the ethnic minority museum, which was forced and altogether disturbing to me.  Then we went to the night market.  There I ate a bunch of different foods, including a scorpion!  I couldn't stay long though, it was too claustrophobic.

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