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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The first day of July

It's early Sunday morning, July 1.  I left off last Sunday evening arriving in Auburn, Alabama fleeing from Debby.  Monday we hung out in Auburn and went to a movie with the kids, Brave.  It was okay, but definitely a rental.  We got bedding for Swoosh and did some grocery shopping.  I was emailing with my friend Mark Ellington who lives in Atlanta, and when he found out how close we were invited us to come up and visit.  So on Tuesday we packed up and headed 2.5 hours north to the bedroom town of Marietta, Georgia. 

We parked the trailer in their culdesac and visited late into the evening with them.  Thomas had been wanting to see their son Keegan, his good friend from Florida anyways.  We really enjoyed seeing their new house in the woods, it was beautiful.  Mark works for the School of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech as an administrator.  He runs 9 buildings and staff in the manufacturing department.  The boys slept in the house with Keegan, and the girls and I opened up the trailer and slept in it and it was surprisingly comfortable.  Kye, their older son is going to college at Kinnesaw (sp?) State.  He and I took a ride in the 1983 Jaguar XJ6 that he and his dad just got running again.  It has an LS1 conversion in it, but it had been sitting for years, so the injetors were clogged.  Thanks for having us to visit Sue, Mark and gang.  It was a blast catching up with you.

After breakfast Wednesday morning we headed towards Florida.  We had hoped to get the nickel tour of Georgia Tech, but it wasn't meant to be.  We made it to Valdosta, Georgia and the Eagles Roost RV park.  It was a fairly nice park for being 30 years old, and very well maintained.  We didn't get to use the pool because it closed when the office did at round 7 pm, but the showers were nice.  Nothing compared to the ones in Auburn at University Station though, wow. 

Thursday morning we headed to Tampa, and after about five minutes on the road we were back in Florida for the second time.  We arrived in Tampa around 2pm and went straight to Lazydays RV shop.  Don met us there and evaluated the damage, which he later estimated at $5,400.00!  The whole front of the trailer has to be pulled off to be repaired, but since the cheapest version of this trailer is around $12,000, its worth it to get it fixed. Samuel was starving to death because he didn't eat a good enough breakfast so we got in a hurry to get to the campground.  Jenn snacked him enough for me to get the truck and trailer weighed.  Amazingly, the truck weighed over 11,000 pounds and the trailer was about 8,300 pounds.

We went to the Happy Traveller RV park in Thonantasassa, just up I-75 from Brandon.  The park is nice and shady like the Eagle's Roost and we're close to the showers, but the wifi is marginal at best and there are a few large ant hills nearby that keep raiding the trailer.  There are quite a few permanent residents here, and as usual we are by far the youngest.  We plan on being here for a week.  I called Tanys, our Real Estate agent, to set up looking at houses on Friday morning, and she set up four for us to look at.  We agreed to meet at the first house, near where Jenn ecpects she'll be working at 0930.  We went shopping then ate dinner and crashed out.

Jenn stayed home to study for her seven tests on Friday while the kids and I went to look at houses.  The first house we looked at was in Bloomingdale and had been built in the early 80's, and as Mark would say, "had a lot of deferred maintenance on it".  It had a pool and was in a good location, but none of us were impressed.  The second house was ready for move in and reminded us all of our old house here so it was an instant hit with the kids.  The third house was smaller, still nice, but in a less desirable neighborhood.  It was $200 cheaper than the second, but not worth it.  The last house was nice but two of the kids almost revolted against it when I asked their opinion.  We put an application in to rent the second house.  The kids will be going to Mulrennan Middle and Durant High Schools.

We finished up looking at the houses and schools around noon and headed back to the trailer.  Jenn was still working.  Everyone was tired so we just kind of quietly hung out until we needed to go to the store.  I took Shannon and Sam with me to the WinnDixie around the corner and picked up some food for dinner.  If it seems like we are always shopping it's because we have very little place to store enough food for 6 people in the trailer.  Our almost new Halftime oven decided to overheat and is in need of repair, so we are having to work around that too.  Jenn was studying until about 10 pm and the kids and I watched a movie. 

Saturday morning Jenn was up at 5 am finishing up her reviewing for the tests.  I woke up around 6 am and made her breakfast.  She was off to Polk State College in Lakeland by 6:30.  It took her an hour to get there because avoiding toll roads in Florida can be a challenge.  I went back to bed and didn't get up until she was calling to tell me she was done around 10:30.  She picked up the rental application on her way home.  She took seven exams of 30 questions each in an hour and a half, and felt good about it, even as the gal next to her was still trying to finish her first test. 

When Jenn got back she was starving so she ate everything in sight.  I didn't have lunch made since I had just fed the kids and I breakfast so after doing the laundry we ended up back at the store.  This time Jenn came and we stocked up a bit for a few days.  While Jenn was doing laundry I was working on John's web pages while sitting in the park office, the only place wifi is strong enough to use with my notebook.  I learned the importance of child themes in WordPress the hard way as updating the themes deletes all custom files.  It took about 2 hours to fix two web sites.  We also got the application for renting done and sent that off.  I did battle with the ants in the hopes of slowing them down a little.  We shall see.  We wrapped up the week by watching How To Train Your Dragon and Shrek 2 over a BBQ chicken dinner.  Its good to be back in the south. 


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