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Friday, May 27, 2011

long made short

Hey my adoring fan's it's me thomas. Sorry for the delay I was doing other things. These past few days have been long so I will make it short. First off we went to my cousins wedding and had a blast. After that we got to visit our great aunt and uncle. Then we got a flat on the trailer which damaged it. We got help from a trailer guy to get us back on the road. The we saw the great caves here in the mountains and horse riding which was very fun and educational. My horse was named hammer and he was fun. That pretty much sum's it up. See you

Everything I missed between this week and last

Hello this is my blog for everything I missed between this week and last. First, we went to the wedding. Long story, can't explain. Maybe you will find it in another blog. But I will tell you everything else that has happened. We went to Lake Kerr and found of lots of cicadas and experienced high winds. And then we started driving. On our way we went to Appomattox Court House, which I got my Junior Ranger Badge. And then we went to Virginia. And we stopped at a horse trailer park. We went to a underground cavern and we saw many beautiful sights. My favorite was a formation called Snoopy's doghouse. It actually looked like a dog house. Then we got to ride horses and my horse was named Cricket. I had lots of fun. And I liked Cricket a lot. We got to ride on the trail on our horses. And we got to see the many beautiful flowers that grew there. And Cricket was pleasant. Then after our one hour ride, we went home, ate dinner, and went to bed.

Here in Virginia :)

We have been in Virginia for a night already and we will be staying one more night before we head off to Pennsylvania. It is super pretty here! The air is scented with honeysuckle and jasmine, I was sticking my head out like a dog, :) We got to see the caves here, they were amazing! We will have more pictures on the subject soon. After we saw the caves we came back to the trailer and we came and rode horses. It was a lot of fun, pictures coming soon. The horse I rode was named Coachee, he was a good horse, but he was on autopilot the entire time. He would not do anything that I tried to get him to. Oh well, I had fun anyways. A fun filled day in a nut shell.

long time no blog.

Sorry, I havent been bloing lately. So let me catch you up on things.
We had a blast at the wedding.We stayed at oldfeld with grandma and unca Jon. That was a blast. We went swimming every day with our cousins. the pool had a huge slide! The day after the wedding mom ran into the bed about three in the morning. now she has a huge bruse under her left eye.
About a day after mom ran into the bed we left for North Carolina. On the way we poped one of the traylors tires and we were stuck on the side of the road for an hour. Luckly a man pulled over and helped us fix it. We got back on the road. Later we got to the camp site. We were about 3/4 though setting up when a ranger knoked on our door saying that we needed to evacuate to the bathrooms beacuse of severe wether. So we paced up blincets, food, and everything you need during severe wether and heded toreds the bathrooms. As we heded over there I thought, this day is just going frome bad to worse!k
When it was time to leve mom, sam, and I went on a walk. During that walk we saved a cicada. On our drive to Verjina we stoped at the Appomattox court house. That is where the Confederites surrenderd to the unuons. We became junor rangers there.
We cohyintinued on our road trip after that. We got into the park very late. The bathrooms are very intresting. They are just cilinders with a lid that lead down into andeep dark hole! You can look down there and not see the end. There arnt any showers ether. Same with sinks. Thair arnt any sinks.
We went to a cave today. It was so cool. It was a 1 hour toer. Back around 1902 they made people ether go back up the slopes they went down or a man would give you a lantern, rope, and a pick. Also when they were still exploring that cave they found bones. Creepy. Now we are going to go horse back rideing.
Having fun on the road,

Playing Catch Up from Fort Valley Stables in VA

My last post wasn't much to look at, so hopefully you can piece together the mayhem from Jennifer and Jessica's. There are pictures from the blow out and the wedding that Jenn wants me to post. We're currently in Fort Valley VA. We spent over 4 hours at Appomattox Courthouse, and we got a later start leaving Kerr Lake since we didn't get home until midnight the night before, so we were running "late" all day (if that's possible on a Skootcher). We ate dinner at Applebees (it was actually pretty good - we must have been hungry) and then got back on the road. We spent an hour and a half on the road, the last hour of which was on a windy, dark, mountainous, one lane road leading nowhere. When "Betty" (the GPS) said "Arriving at your destination on the left.", we were on a dirt road with trees on both sides and a farm house up a few hundred yards in the distance. After much debate I decided to roll forward and low and behold the sign for the stables and RV park appeared. It was 10 pm. Don't know if you noticed the VA weather last night, but there was another huge thunderstorm moving across the area and we got set up (again) just before the lightning and wind hit. (We sure can pick 'em). Asleep by midnight, up at 7 am. Now this is living.
Today we plan to visit Luray Caverns (back down the road that we came in on last night). We were going to take those wanting to on a horseback ride this afternoon, but the weather is 80% chance of rain after 1 pm. Yikers. (Jennifer is cracking me up right now - she makes this Mikey Mouse like voice to talk to Swoosh the Guinea Pig, except shes been sick so it's all high pitched and crackly. I now have incriminating video of that.) :-)

Pictures will be coming soon. I promise. I just organized like 50 of them, but Jenn wants to get going... so. Here's a couple for Heidi and one for Tricia until later.

Stupid Service Wants YOU!

Heidi sitting just after the wedding (upset at me for the previous picture of her chugging a water!) I'm pretty sure Heidi isn't following the blog. PROVE ME WRONG! ;-)

The Kelly's at the Old Sheldon Church (all dressed up).

Peace Now. Everyday is a Saturday.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The wedding and What not=>

Sorry I did not write sooner, the week was a rush. To begin with I had an excellent time with my cousins and the wedding was absolutely beautiful! The ceremony took place at a old ruined church, it was really pretty. Hedi's dress was very pretty, vintage lase. The ceremony was actually really short and some of the people missed it. I loved getting all dressed up, it was so much fun. I think I was the fanciest dressed out of my family. The reception was really nice too. There was a big buffet and the cake was chocolate! The River club was so pretty, cousin Hedi has good taste. Montana, my new third cousin and her brother Tyler both made speeches, they were really good. Montana was a lot of fun and I am glad that she and Molly hit it off. I enjoyed seeing Molly and her family too. We all had fun riding bikes, shopping, dancing, singing and swimming. Summer fun in three days! I got to show everyone the blog, I am so proud. Swoosh I think enjoyed staying in the 'cottage' with us, somewhere stationary for once. Mom put dents in a lot of things while we were in Oldfield though, Her van and her face for that matter. But I am sure she told you that already. After the wedding we made our way up to North Carolina where a number of things befell us. Firstly, we had a late lunch so none of us, besides Thomas, were hungry when we met Aunt Patsy and Uncle Gene.

So then we went on our way to the campsite, we get a blow out on one of the tires on the trailer. We were fortunate enough that there was a kind man who lent us his three ton jack stand, thank heaven for him.

We started off again and finally made it to the campsite after picking up groceries. We had learned while we were changing the tire that there was a storm headed our way. By the time we had set up the trailer and gotten dinner ready it had begun to storm. We had to to the bathrooms because the storm was so bad, there were even tornado warnings. We had to bring Swoosh with us too. We came back safe and sound, thank goodness, I was glad that our trip was not permanently postponed. Now we are going to spend the day hanging out with Aunt Patsy and Uncle Gene.

Four Corners????

We are now in North Carolina after 5 days in Bluffton, SC for Heidi's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and there was much fun had by all. At the same time, I was reminded of a family trip when I was in high school...but I will get to that later.
We arrived on Thursday evening and went straight to Parris Island to set up our camper. We met Cory and John, Chuck's Mom and brother, along with Bobbi, Larry, and Heidi, Scott, and his children Montana and Tyler. Montana is the same age as Jessica and Thomas, so they really hit it off. We went to the Boathouse, a fun restaurant on the water on Hilton Head.
The next day we all went to Oldfield, a really neat place where we all stayed in these amazing cottages. We got to share a place with Cory and John, thanks to Cory....Thank you Cory!
The kids spent their free time riding the free bikes they checked out and swimming in the pool with Montana and cousins Molly and Miles.
We had several get-togethers where we visited with lots of family and friends. The wedding was on Sunday at the Old Sheldon Church in Yemassee. Heidi was beuatiful despite the 90 degree weather. The reception was fabulous. It was held at Oldfield at the River Club. We danced, ate, and took lots of pictures. Bobbi is an amazing wedding planner!!!
And now I come to the four corners part of my post. Four corners is the part of the country where you can stand in four states at once....Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Nevada. My family went there when we were traveling from Florida to California. As my family knows this is the place where a series of accidents occurred. Lets just say it is good we were able to get out of there alive and my Dad's car, that we were towing, never looked the same afterwards, but how can it when you forget you are towing it and scrape it across a pole. I never knew that the side of a car could peel open like a sardine can.
The day before the wedding I ran errands with all the girls. The house we were staying at had a long driveway turned at an angle. We were all having fun, the girls were giggling and Cory and I were talking until.....CRUNCH! I backed into the #4 sign for the cottage next door. The sign was ok, except the 4 fell off, but my van wasn't. Lets just say my bumper is in need of new paint. Thankfully Chuck was able to pop the dent out.
Then after the wedding, we had settled in for the night and I had just gone to sleep, but needed to visit the bathroom. Our room was pitch black and when navigating back to bed I ran my face into the bed post of the four poster bed. I now sport a slightly black eye.
Yesterday, we dove to North Carolina. We were nearly to our campsite when...POP....our trailer tire exploded. Chuck quickly pulled off and a nice gentleman named Edward Street rushed to help us.
Once back on the road we ran to the store to get food for dinner and take it to our campsite just as the skies were darkening. Chuck and Thomas had most of our trailer set up and I had dinner ready when...Knock.....the park ranger told us we needed to evacuate to the bathrooms due to a severe storm. We quickly grabbed our dinner and the guinea pig and ran for shelter. Luckily, it turned out to be mostly rain, wind, and lightning.
We are now just getting up and everyone is moving a bit slow, but we are happy to be together. Hopefully, this is our only four corners part of the trip.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long Time No Post - Delayed

Wow, its the 24th. Let me try to catch everyone up on the last few days. We arrived in Beaufort (Parris Island MCRD) on the 19th. Cory and John were arriving via airplane at the same time. Bobbie decided we needed to meet at The Boat House (expensive but nice). We met Scott and his kids Tyler (17) and Montana (14). It was a good time. Friday was Jennifer's birthday, and we had cake and a party at Bobbie's house. She got her Acer (iPad 2 killer) tablet. I am typing on it right now (not very effectively as I am having to go back days later and fix it).
Saturday was pretty good. The boys went fishing with cousin Tim and Miles and uncle Bud and Larry and caught 30 fish and two turtles in two hours. Their curse is lifted apparently. Long story short, Jenn ran over a wooden sign backing out of the cottage driveway damaging the bumper and paint. The wedding was nice, and thankfully short as it was hot. After the reception Jennifer got a black eye by walking into a bed post in our dark bedroom at 3 am. We sent Tommy home Monday night (barely) and had one last dinner with Bobbie, Larry, Heidi, Scott, John and Cory. Taking off on Tuesday allowed us to see Patsy and Gene in Wake Forest. Shortly after leaving we had a blow out. Fun. Then we got to the campground late, got set up just before dark and were cooking dinner when the Park Ranger came by to tell us to seek cover for tornadoes!!
Now, onto the next post. Pictures to come.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Back in South Carolina, Bluffton!

Hi everyone, we came back to South Carolina from Tennessee yesterday! It only took seven hours... Ha! We got to meet our new relatives last night as well, Mr. Scott (who is marrying cousin Hedi) Tyler and Montana. They are all very nice and everyone looks forward to welcoming them into the family and getting to know them more. :) I am so happy to see everyone again. It feels like an age since we were all together. I am really going to enjoy my time with Montana, we are almost exactly alike! We have already planned out some stuff to do already! The 'Cottage' is HUGE! You could hardly call it a cottage, we might be staying here with Grandma Cory if there is enough space. :) I won't mind if we can't though the trailer is nice too. As soon as we left Tennessee it became sunny and warm again, just our luck, honestly! Today is Mom's birthday! I will tell you how it goes later, tomorrow or later this evening. :)

P.S- I know some of you wanted to see some of my water color,
Everyone was so pleased with how it came out, I got a frame for it on Christmas last year. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi again from Tennessee!

Our few days here in Gatlinburg have been quite uneventful. It was raining for two days straight, but today it finally stopped and we were able to hike a trail called Laurel falls, five miles, with beautiful streams and obviously, laurels. We were lucky to see the laurels bloom, because they only bloom for two months in the year. We also got a good glimpse of a wild black bear on one of the ridges. After that hike we went on a driving trail and saw more streams, a turkey, and some 1800's houses, which were very interesting. When we were done with the trails we went back into the downtown area and went to the Celtic gift shop for Thomas, he wanted a t-shirt there. We then went to the candy store and bought, rock candies, a lollipop, taffies, and truffles! Yeah, it was quite the mouthful. While we were hiking I got a lot of inspiration for some stories I would like to write and some water-coloring that I had meaning to do while on the trip. I have a bit of sketching and oils while I was in Valrico, Florida, but I feel like I need to catch up a bit. I am so excited about seeing everyone at the wedding, I cannot wait! Not that I did not enjoy being up here in Tennessee, I had a good time.

Rain go away!

HHHHEEEELLLLOOOO EVERYBODY!!! It's me Thomas! To start you off it finally stopped raining and we got to go hiking. We also got to see a bunch of old farms a bear and a turkey. All in all that pretty much sums it up, except for the shopping we did where I got a cool Scottish shirt and some taffy. See you later!

A Day without Rain

We finally got to enjoy the Smoky Mountains today.  We took a 5 mile hike to Laurel Falls.  Although cold, we did enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife.  We have pictures from different vantages along our way.  The Mountain Laurel was blooming, apparently only in April and May, and quite a sight. 

 The kids especially enjoyed the Motor Drive...a one way road that travels through the Forest with a winding creek that runs along side.  We packed a cooler and ate at one of our stops along the way.  The kids liked finding little trails and seeing where they led.

I am still trying to recover from this sinus infection.  I made an appointment with my Dr. in Bluffton, since we will be there tomorrow night.  I think an antibiotic will be necessary at this point...nearly 2 weeks.  I am still having fun and loving discovering new places with the kids and Chuck.

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

Hi!!!!! I had a whole lot of fun at the National park. We went hiking and I saw a bear and wild turkey!!!!! Sadly we have to leave tomorrow. Not much more....
Having fun on the road,

Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains National Forest

Before I get started... I have another blog at: http://truthlibertyfreedomgrace.blogspot.com/. If you want to follow that one it is more on the political side. Fair warning. :)

We ventured out today. It stopped raining, but the car reported 45 degrees again. It was overcast and cold. Jenn and I refused to stay couped up though, and after she had some headache medicine we got going. First we visited the visitors center and got Shannon's travel log book stamped. She had a quiz before the Park Ranger would give up the stamp. I'll let her tell you that story. We looked at the museum, then proceeded out to the 5 mile hike to Laurel Falls.

(It was rated as an easy hike). We saw Rhododendron, Mountain Laurels (in bloom), the falls and a Black Bear! I've got pictures, but he's pretty hard to make out.

After that we went on a short driving tour that winds along a gorgeous creek, the name escapes me. There were homesteads still standing from the late 19th century that were safe to go into and free to explore, preserved by the National Park. We visited two farms, one of which had a water mill with the water still running through it, although the grinding shaft was disabled.

Following that we went back into Gatlinburg and got Thomas a Celtic T-shirt that he liked. We visited the Food City, again, to pick up dinner and headed back to the "house".

Jenn had a pot roast going in a crock pot (1 qt) all day, so we had that shortly after returning. We watched Madagascar and Harry Potter 1 and got showers. We'll be turning in early and getting up early because our travel day tomorrow is 7+ hours, considerably longer than others thus far. We have full hook ups here, so the exit should be faster, although I'll need diesel soon after pulling out.

Peace Now. Everyday's a Saturday.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mom's Second Post

So, nearly a week has passed since I last wrote. The kids and Chuck have done a great job telling you all what we have been up to. I, unfortunately, I been sick with a sinus infection. I have enjoyed visiting the various pharmacies to stock up on tissue, decongestants, lozenges, and tea. I think I am close to the end of this, so I am looking forward to enjoying our time here in Tennessee. We plan to do some sight seeing in the Smoky Mountains National Park. We will get to use our National Park Pass, from Papa Ben and Grandma Darlene (thank you), for the first time. Hopefully we will have some pictures to post. Pray for no rain!!!!
We love and miss you all!!
Hi! Hi! Hi!
It's raining, it's poring, we all are snoring.....
We got to the Smoky Mountains!!! Unfortunately it has been raining all day long. Uhg. We where going to go hiking but it will be to muddy tomorrow.... We went to Gatlinburg. It was fun. Got to go to bed....
Going to be going to bed and sleeping warm an cozy in my bed and........Snor Snor,
Shannon can not reply,
But oh well,

Weird week

Hey!Hey!Hey everybody! It's good to talk to all my adoring fans. This past week been weird .To start off with I have this ring that comes back to me even if I throw it off the mountain I am on right now. It always shows up in the most weird spot's: like in the couch and in the garbage can. I got it from a gumball machine .This phenomena is going to have to be watched closely because I think it's kooky. Another thing is that my Dad and I have a curse that prevents us from catching fish and it rubs it in our face by letting other people catch fish while we sit all day long catching nothing but rock fish (a.k.a stones in water). Yet another thing weird is the weather which has gone from scorching hot, to freezing cold with rain within a week, and here in the mountains it is always raining and always cold. Maybe that's why I am sick. The last weird thing is that this national park is more of a theme park than a camping ground. They even have roller coasters and attractions. Well that's all from me for now, hold on I have one more thing, if you see my gold ring with diamond shape dents in it, throw it away because it uses people to get to me.

Gatlinburg in the rain

We skootchered about on the back roads of Georgia and Tennessee today. We left Lake Allatoona behind as it began to sprinkle. The countryside on the two lane highways was gorgeous, reminding me of when I was a kid in Johnson City. We came up the 411 through Tennga, which is right on the Tennessee and Georgia border, hence the name. Betty, our GPS, was at odds with the map, which was at odds with my google map, so we took some interesting (one lane) detours over hill and through dale. When I finally called for directions the lady was laughing at me on the phone. She said (in her Phillipino accent), "Why you not take the highway? It run right past here." I had to tell her we were enjoying the scenery and then laugh.
When we finally arrived at the Smokey Bear Campground it was raining and the dump connection was too far from the pad for my hose to reach. (Anyone seeing a trend here?) I had to disconnect and put an extension into the hose. Jennifer was great, making sure to support by purchasing a quick connector so my patience didn't wear thin.

(A little break to allow the others to post.)

Peace Now. Everyday is a Saturday.

Smokey Bear Campground :)

We are now in the the Smokey mountains, Tennessee! We are excited to go to the national park tomorrow, hopefully it won't be raining the entire time we are here. It started raining yesterday and now it WON'T STOP! Oh well can't help the weather I guess. I am really excited to go to cousin Hedi's wedding! I can't wait to see everyone and I am sure it will be a blast! We are leaving Tennessee on Thursday so we will have plenty of time. I just got to hold the cutest little Yorkie puppy! Sassy! She was so cute!

I'm sure I will be writing again soon!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello from Atlanta, Georgia!

We arrived in Atlanta two days ago and are enjoying the lake camp site. We have been trying to catch fish here, but we have had no luck yet. Yesterday we went to the mall and Shannon got to see the American girl store and get here doll pampered. I enjoyed the cute little dessert counter, they had lots of sweets! :) The boys visited the game stores while we (Mom, Shannon, and I) looked in Forever 21 for me and the American girl store for Shannon. It has gotten really cold and cloudy since we got here, but it gives me a good excuse to wear my jeggings. :) I am really getting into my Sims 3 game. I enjoy making families and watching them grow. We are going to meet Mr. Ellington for dinner tonight, I think it will be nice to visit with him. We have just finished lunch and we are going to on a walk soon. Guess I should get ready. :)


Now we are in Georgia! I am having a blast here! I went to the American girl place in Atlanta. I had so much fun! I got my doll and I got a matching shirt. We had a dessert there and I got my doll a new hairdo.
We are not doing so good with fishing. We have not captured one single fish here!! But oh well we will eventually have to catch one fish....
Having fun on the road,

Cloudy days

Yesterday was fun. Lake Allatoona is nice. I had to unclog a black tank blockage, so the day started out pretty "cruddy". This evolution involved tearing down the camper, which is getting easier, and towing it up the hill to the dump site. Then we (Jessica and I) hooked up a hose and ran it inside the trailer and connected that to what I like to refer to as the magic crud wand, which sprays out in a fan down inside the toilet. The joys of camping I suppose.
(My editor just showed up, making sure my post is copacetic.)
We tried fishing in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Not one fish. I'm beginning to wonder if the Kelly fishing curse will ever be lifted. Between my dad, me and the kids, we can't catch a fish to save our lives. This has not always been the case. Fish used to like me. Maybe I'll have to raise them in an aquaponics system to be able to "catch" them.
Speaking of curses, the dime store plastic ring that we have lost or thrown away at least a dozen times showed up again yesterday in the van. It appeared after a year or so on the last day we were cleaning the Beaufort house, then again in the trailer after Harry Potter, and then Saturday in the van. I'm really starting to wonder about that ring.
I don't want to spoil it, but Saturday was the day for us to visit that doll store (to be named by Shannon). It was quite successful, luckily. We arrived just in time to get the last appointment, which was on Shannon's bucket list.
Today we were planning on going for a half day out on a pontoon boat for fishing and fun, but the weather is overcast and almost cold so we started looking for other things. As it is noon now it's too late to hit the aquarium so we might just hang out and enjoy the fresh air here for the day.
We're looking forward to:
Jennifer and Samuel's birthdays coming up at the end of this month. We'll be heading to Gatlinburg, TN tomorrow for a few days then on to Beaufort for Heidi's wedding, where we'll see Cory, John, Tommy, and Bud - not to mention Bobbie, Larry and Heidi. We'll also get to meet Scott and his kids. My truck chip was mailed yesterday (finally) and the Clarion head unit is waiting with Bobbie so I can listen to my Podcasts on my stereo while driving.
Thomas is still my A-Driver (assistant), but Shannon is doing a lot of the camper set up and tear down work. Thomas and Jennifer are both still under the weather.
That's enough for now.
Peace Now! Everyday is a Saturday.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


While we were at the camping site in Orlando I got to go to Universal studios, without knowing, as a surprise. My favorite rides were the Simpsons and the Rock-it roller coaster. In the Rock-it you can play your own music, I played 'I will survive.' I also had lots of fun going to the Harry Potter world. I got a replica of the time turner and some U-NO-POO from the shops there. The U-NO-POO actually worked, and made me constipated. I also rode the Dragon challenge and the Forbidden Journey there and they were both fun.

P.S- The mysterious bug that bit me was a horse fly.

Potter land

HEY EVERYBODY! It's me Thomas. To get you updated on the superb events these past two days I will say it was terrific and fun. We went to adventure island and universal studios yesterday and the day before that. We went to Harry Potter's world and I got to get a wand, drank some butter beer, and ate some Burty Bott's every flavor beans plus chocolate frogs, which came with a card. I got Salazar Slitherin who is very gloomy and strokes his beard. We also got to go into the castle, which was very fun, where I met the fat lady who yelled at me for being a muggle. I can't help it if I have minimal awesomeness and if she has a problem; she can yodel her face red. For lunch that day we ate at the three broomsticks. After that we explored the rest of the park which was not as fun as the Harry Potter part. Then the next day we went to the Universal studios were we shot aliens with lasers with the men in black, acted stupid with the Simpsons, blew up Jaws , and became part of a major production and died as innocent people in Disaster. We also watched all of the I-max theater productions including Terminater 2, Shreck, and Twister. We also rode a lot of different roller coasters. All in all it was very fun but we didn't go to Barney because he is stupid and made me throw up. After that we came to this hot and hotter place in the Georgia, where I found out I stunk at fishing. I can't even cast without getting tangled up and the only fish we got were weed fish. For all you fishing lovers out there, automatics are better than manuals. SEE YOU LATER!

A Post From Mom, Finally

You are all probably wondering what happened to Jennifer.  I have been so busy learning the ropes of our new lifestyle that I haven't sat down to post.  As Chuck told you, we had a lot going on at the end of April and the beginning of May.  Thankfully, we survived the end of the school year, testing, moving, and our first time using our new home, the trailer.  I've learned to cook in a small space, use a convection oven, store food items in about 1/8 the space I had in our kitchen, set up and take down the trailer with 4 children under the guidance of Chuck, shower and use bathroom facilities at the rv campgrounds, drive behind Chuck and use a walkie-talkie for communication, and discover all the interesting bugs and wildlife that I had no idea existed.
We have had a lot of fun visiting our friends and going to Universal Studios.  We will miss all of you and hope this post will help us all to stay in touch.  Please feel free to leave comments, as we would love to hear from you too.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Next Phase

     We finished up our second day at Universal Studios.  The kids had a remarkably good time at the original park.  They liked the Simpson's ride and the Rock-it roller coaster.  Today we woke up at a leisurely pace and rolled out of Moss Park around 1100.  We arrived at Grassy Pond (Moody AFB Family Camp/Recreation area) at around 4pm [formerly 1600 - :-)] .  The Bass fishing is supposedly excellent, so we'll give it the old college try tomorrow.  Maybe we'll even have Joe's luck at reeling in the fish.  I've purchased some of his secret weapon -garlic scent for the fake worms, so maybe, just maybe we'll be lucky. 
     Shannon finished the 3rd Harry Potter book so we had to go find the fourth.  We picked up the last movie too so it's pretty much been a blow-out since Monday night.  More later.  It's 11pm and the lights are just going out after, you guessed it, another Harry Potter movie. 
     Good night and God Bless.

Universal studios fun!

Oh my gosh we all had so much fun at Universal, we went to Hogsmede and all the rest of the park as well, but I think everyone liked Harry Potter the best. Shannon, Thomas and I all got wands, went into the castle, went on all the rides (save me and Shannon), visited all the shops, had lunch at the three broomsticks, and we all tried butter beer and the candy from the movie. :) Here is the picture of us at the train station! Here is a picture of me and mom at the three broomsticks, the lower left hand corner. I REALLY liked the butter-beer! :)
After Hogwarts we went back to the trailer for the night and came back for a second round of Universal fun in the morning. We visited Rock-it roller coaster, Twister, The Mummy (my fav!), Terminator 3D, Shrek 3D, Jaws, Disaster (hilarious!), the Simpsons, and Woody wood pecker. We had lunch at an Irish pub in 'New York', here is a picture of me in the gift shop of the Mummy:
Yeah, I finally figured out how to put pictures in individual blog posts! We all had a ton fun! We are now in Georgia, barely, but we will be moving on farther into Georgia on Friday, we are needing a couple of days to wind down. :)
-Jessica :)

I am going mad I tell you! mad!!!!!!!

It all started when dad told us we were going "hiking". Hmmmm, so we were driving around trying to get to this hiking destination when I see we are in the darn city!!! What is some hiking path going to fall out of the sky? Sad to say, one did.........Just kidding!!!!!! We pulled into......Drum roll please!...........Universal Studios!! TADA!!! For the rest of our 2 days in Orlando, we spent our time having a blast there. My 2 favorite things there were the Simpsons ride and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  At the Harry Potter part we went to Honey Dukes (where we all got a chocolate frog and some every flavor beans.(they really are every flavor!)), Zonkos, Hogworts, The wand shop ( I got a wand there!!), and we ate lunch at the three broomsticks!
 I just finished the 3rd Harry Potter book and I need the next one. I am going mad! (not really.) Sometimes I find myself just lying on the floor. But we are going out to shop today so I will get it then!
Having fun on the road,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Universal Studios - Wizarding World of Harry Potter

     Today we surprised the kids with a "hiking" trip to Universal Studios and we'll be going again tomorrow.  The Harry Potter attraction was our primary destination.  A few good rides, the shops and the restaurant were enough to keep us fully occupied through lunch.  Shannon is the latest to read the books and is really into it now.  She, Jessica and Thomas got wands for their souvenirs, and Samuel got a "Time Turner" (a little gold trinket that spins).  They also got chocolate frogs and some jelly beans.  Jenn and I got a chance to ride the Hulk roller coaster together - just like when we were first dating (Grad Night at Six Flags in 87 anyone?)
      We finished off with a lovely dinner at Olive Garden (gluten free menu for me) courtesy of my Aunt Bobbie (thank you), and a viewing of the fourth Harry Potter movie "The Goblet of Fire" in our trailer theater. 
     Tomorrow, were at it again and then off to Lake Park, GA. for a couple of days. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trip to new Camping Site

Hello my name is Samuel and today we are taking a very short trip to another campground in Florida. I woke up at 7 in the morning and got dressed then I helped Dad hook up the truck.  And then we were off.  I didn't do much in the car.     After we reached our destination, we got out and went to the bathroom.  While waiting for my com padres, I got bit by a mysterious bugThen we went to check on our Dad, who was at registration.  And then we hopped in the car and drove to our spot for camping.  The first thing I thought about was eating!  I did my job to help set up the trailer then ate food. 

The Adventure Begins - Supra Fidelis

     Some background on our adventure and how it came about. Through selling our house, my retiring and buying our trailer we have an opportunity to give the kids a great, deal sealing experience for the entire summer. 
     It was time to retire, so on 14 April (after 24 years) I went on "job/house" hunting time and terminal leave.  My dad was in town to help us get the move and trip started off right.  What a huge help he was, even for an "older" guy.  LOL.  We worked on the trailer, putting on a new awning, door handle, etc... We traveled to Florida to get our refrigerator, washer/dryer, John Deere lawn mower and roto-tiller. :)  We packed out and loaded up, cleaned the house and headed to Valrico on the weekend of 30 April.
     During that time Shannon was acting in a local production of Charolette's Web as Templeton the Rat.  She was great.  Jennifer and the all the kids were finishing up school, taking SAT's and staying so busy that they barely came up for air.   We said good-bye to friends and our Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Larry, but we'll see them for her daughter's (Heidi) wedding in late May.  We spent a week in Valrico (Alafia River State Park) seeing all our friends from the old neighborhood.  Jackie related it to having four invitations to Thanksgiving dinner from you and your spouse's divorced parents.  You eat a lot of meals at different houses in a short period of time.   We love all our friends in Valrico and hope our paths cross again soon and often.
      After 8 days in Valrico we left for the 2 hour drive to Moss Park and now we're taking a break today.  Hence the long post.  We'll see what the next few days hold for us.  ;-)  Now I'll be getting started on figuring out what I want to do when I grow up.  What better way to do it than hand-in-hand with your best friend (who also happens to be stunningly beautiful - inside and out) and being surrounded by your good and beautiful kids. 

Peace Now, and remember, everyday is a Saturday.

May 8, 2011... MOTHERS DAY?!?! (Also my first post.)

Hi! Shannon here! So we have started our trip! Lots of fun! We have just gotten to our second camp site!!! The Moss Park. It is very mossy here.....

For the past week we were in Valrico hanging out with friends and what not. I have been spending a lot of time with my very best friend (also referred to as sister) Raegan. While we were in Valrico we spent a whole lot of time fixing up the trailer and all of those last minute, "AHHHHH!THE HANDLE BROKE!" or "DAD THE POWER WENT OUT!" or "MOM, I CAN'T GET UP TO MY BED!" But all of that is over now and we are just enjoying life like dad just retired.... oh wait,.... he already did....HA HA HA! So that is what we are doing.

 Ok, so I am at Raegan's house and Mrs. Jackie brings up mothers day and I go, WHAT THE HECK! I THOUGHT IT WAS ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!!!! Just kidding I did not do that.. But if she had not brought up Mothers Day then I would not have done anything! So Raegan, Jessica, and I made a music dance video. Now we are going to take Mom out to dinner. She will love it.

Having fun on the road!!!!,


Thomas's first post

Hello every body it's Thomas Kelly here but you can call me tk if you want. Our trip has been really fun so far and it better stay that way or I will have to rename our trailer the torture trailer instead of the trip trailer. I doubt this trip won't be fin but it is alway's a possibility. Check my part's of the blog out if you have a good sense of humor and you like funny photo's and quotes and for all the people who like my blog I will reply to every one of your reply's.

To Georgia!

We have just left Valrico and we are all excited to see what comes next. We are heading to Georgia today and we should arrive before seven o'clock p.m. Our time here in Florida was very nice, we enjoyed spending time with our friends. We are no longer traveling with our grandpa Ben, but we will be seeing them again later in the summer. The guinea pig has seemed to have adjusted, sometimes I think he wonders about us though.

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