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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day two of move

The entire house is full of boxes, my siblings and I are enjoying the numerous hiding places. We finished the testing for today, annoying can describe the experience to its fullest. We are going to the pool today as well, for the first time this year ironically. I was busy running errands and gardening with our great aunt Bobby yesterday so I missed the first part of our move, oh well, I was just so darn bored :) We also watched the Kings speech last night which was really really good.

Until something more exciting happens :)
Jessica Kelly 

Monday, April 25, 2011

First Post!

Hi everyone! It's me Jessica :) We are so excited about moving and getting out and traveling. The movers will be coming for the first time tomorrow and then for the next three days. Thomas, Shannon, Samuel and I will be taking the SAT for the next two days as well, I am kinda of glad to be getting out of the house. Our room is almost empty, its kinda of weird. We started filling the trailer a little, but we barely have anything in it yet. Swoosh is probably wondering what the heck is going on as we are running around the house like chickens with our heads cut off. For those of you who do not know who Swoosh is, he is my guinea pig, a little on the plump side but it makes it nice to snuggle him. Oh, I forgot to mention that he coming with us on the trip as well. He will be placed in the bath tub when we stop (we won't be using it much) and in the car he will be in his cat carrier (which is pink, we told him it was manly :p) Easter went by way to fast, way faster than last year anyways. I am looking forward to getting to New york, it seems fun, but I will have to find out myself. Since I did not have any testing today, I spent most of my time tubing out. Television, video games, the works. Not much you can do, it's like waiting for a storm to come, metaphorically of course.

Until something more exciting happens!
Jessica :)

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